Game Design and Development Workshop at Singapore Informatics.


June and July  I did 2 workshops on Game Design and Development at Singapore Informatics.

Topics Covered –

  • Video Game Industry
  • Industry participants
  • Game Design & Development
  • Academia in Games

About 20 students attended the workshop.

Web –

Mobile App Development Course at Saegis Campus.

Recently I did 5-days Mobile App Development Course at Saegis Campus for  Sri Lanka Navy (IT) staff.

This 40 hour course covered Apple – IOS , Microsoft – Windows Phone and Google- Android Platforms.



Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Android Architecture
  • Android SDK
  • Xcode and Objective-C for IOS
  • Interface Builder
  • Windows Phone SDK
  • Deploying Android Application
  • Deploying IOS Application
  • Deploying Windows Phone Application

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