Cruncher 2011 Game Development Workshop.

                   Last week I had attended Cruncher 2011 Game Development Workshop to deliver 2 sessions about game development.Event was held at IESL Auditorium Colombo, Sri Lanka.


  • Game Designing and Development techniques.

This session highlights different game design and development tools/technology available in the industry.

  • Kinect for Windows: Limitless Possibilities.

Kinect for Windows SDK allows developer to create Games using Natural User Interface (NUI). Now game developers can think out of the box when designing a
game. This session highlights how you can use the KINECT SDK to create fantastic gaming experiences.

Their were about 25 attended to the event.


Singapore Tour for the 8th Time.

July 2011 I went to Singapore to deliver XNA Game Development training at Game Bandits 2011.

Game Bandits 2011 at Singapore [Event Update].


View from the plane.

View from Microsoft Singapore.

Lamborghini in Singapore.

Ferrari showroom in Singapore.

At ION Orchard.