3d car game demo

This game is still under development.This demo include basic movements in a car game.Also you can add more

functionalities and make this even better.

This could be the begining of creating an  advance 3d car game on your own

use this link to downlaod exe and source code- http://www.mediafire.com/?8hmymmc1l2m
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Creating 3d games with directx/C#

XNA Game Development Video Learning.

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This video series shows you how create games using directx and C#.NET 2.0.


This is the technology that was avialable before xna.Now also this is big trand.

Because some funtinalities of xna still in developing stage.

Like playing a  video in the 3d game.

Using the keyboard in xna

This example shows you how to use the keyboard to move a 2d image. http://www.mediafire.com/?21s2uibwz9k

You can improve this as a 2d game…
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Draw 3D model on screen

use this link to  download the source code


Draw 2d image on screan

use this link to download the source code


XNA with XBOX 360

You can use xna for developing game on XBOX 360 .You can also use debug methord in xbox.but for that you need to subscribe your XBOX  for that.

with the use of xna 2.0 you can easyly convert windows games in XBOX360 games.  

XNA learning videos

Use this link to download xna basics learning videos


For the second video you need to have xbox 360 contraller.

but also you can replace  those using keyboard class.

3d rocket racing game

Download this 3d game using this link –


I`v created this game using xna studio.

System requirment

Pentium(R) III  or higher processor
128 MB of RAM
video card that supports at least Shader Model 1.1

Requird setup

.NET Framework 2.0 (not included)
XNA Framework (included)
Directx 9.0c (update)(included)

give me your comment on this game.

thank you!


how to start?

 Now you can download XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Refresh edition from


or download Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0(BETA)


 Also recomended to download directx sdk(november 2007)


downloding these tools you can work with xna.

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