Game development Presentation at University of Ruhuna.

Last Friday i did a presentation about Game Development in University of Ruhuna for there eFOR 2010 exhibition.


Agenda of the Session.


Talking about XBOX360.


Talking about Project Natal.

XNA coding series.

I had recently created set of XNA coding Exercises and share that on slideshare website.

Exercise 1:
Hello World in XNA.

Exercise 2:
Draw 2d image.

Exercise 3:
Using Keyboard and Mouse in a PC game.

Exercise 4:
Crating a Menu system in a PC game.

Exercise 5:
Play MP3 in XNA.

Windows Phone Developer Tools and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Now Available for Download.

Today at MIX`10 event Microsoft announced CTP versions of Windows Phone Developer Tools and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Available for free download.

Now using XNA we can create 2d and 3d games which supports Xbox Live services for Windows Phone.

Even we can use our Xbox Live avatar for Windows Phone based games.


“The Harvest” developed by Luma Arcade.


“Battle Punks” from Gravity Bear and Mythos Labs

Download Now

Creating your First Windows Phone GameArticle

More Details –

Microsoft Announces XNA Game Studio 4.0.

Microsoft Announces XNA Game Studio 4.0  at GDC (Game Developer conference).Which include support for Windows Phone 7 Series.


Quick summary:

  • New platform
    • Windows Phone 7 Series
  • New features
    • Integrates with Visual Studio 2010
    • Dynamic audio output
    • Microphone input
    • BasicEffect has four new siblings
      • SkinnedEffect
      • EnvironmentMapEffect
      • DualTextureEffect
      • AlphaTestEffect
  • Improved portability and usability
    • Collapsed graphics caps into just two profile levels: Reach and HiDef
    • Many graphics API improvements
    • This involves some breaking API changes
    • Split Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll into several assemblies, to make it more obvious which pieces are available on each platform

More details you can found on Michael Klucher`s  Blog.  – Microsoft shows off XNA games running on Windows Phone

Windows Phone Game Development.

Windows Phone game development is based on Silverlight and XNA framework.This is a video of the Opening Keynote in TechEd Middle East Dubai 2010.That shows the cross platform game development for PC, XBOX360 and Windows Phone.