Games Convention Asia 2009 Event update.

Games Convention Asia 2009 was held at the Suntec Convention Center,Singapore from  17-20th September.We are from GTS (Gamos Technology Solution) attended as an exhibitor in this years convention.
We had our stall in the Business Center of the Exhibition.
And we had showcase some of the Games that we had developed.

Saradiyel Demo                      – PC / XBOX360

Colombo Ride 2.0                   -Mobile

Aba Hatana                             -Mobile

WTC Challange Demo         -PC





GCA had three main parts.Conference ,Business Center and a Public exhibition.
Conference include first ever DICE summit Asia.And also sessions from
other industry experts.




Business Center and Public exhibition had stalls from various game companies.
Business center more forces on the business audience and the Public exhibition
forces on the gamers.

2009 Exhibitors.


EA and Microsoft stalls are really highlighted in the public exhibition.

EA games showcase at the Exhibition

Need For Speed Shift
Need For Speed Nitro
Beatles Rock Band
EA Sports Active



Microsoft Games showcase at the Exhibition

Halo 3:ODST
Forza Motorsport 3
Shadow Complex
Mini Ninjas







Cosplay at GCA




SAM_0218 10517_158170840691_138724620691_4151450_3532016_n



So it was grate opportunity to showcase Sri Lanken made Games to the international
games exhibition.
And i`m really proud to be a part of that as a Lead Game developer.

Games Convention Asia 2009.

Get ready for GCA 2009!


GCA Games Convention Asia 2009 | Testimonials



GCA Games Convention Asia – Opening with D.I.C.E. Summit Asia – 17 September 2009


GC Asia Conference and Business Centre


GC Asia Conference 2009 Student’s Day


GTS (Gamos Technology Solution) Stall at the Games Convention Asia 2009 at Suntec , Singapore.


Saradiyel Demo Launch….



I will update more details in a later blog post…..

Games Convention Asia 2009 at Singapore.



Games Convention Asia is one of the largest games exhibition in Asia.
It consist with developer conference and a public exhibition.
Companies like EA, UbiSoft ,Lucas Arts ,Sony doing session is this conference.
Also they going to showcase new upcoming games at the events.
We are from GTS ( Gamos Technology Solutions ) also going to showcase some of the games that we had developed.
Its really grate opportunity to represent Sri Lanken games in the International games
As the Lead developer of GTS i`m really proud to represent Sri Lanka in the Games Convention Asia 2009.

This the 2009 exhibitors list.

I will update more details at the Event…

Date : 17-20 September
Location :Suntec Convention Center  ,Singapore.

Offcial Event Site

GTS Company Site

GTS Game Studio Site


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Sri Lanka Institute of Information technology celebrate 10th Anniversary.


Sri Lanka Institute of Information technology (SLIIT) celebrate its 10th Anniversary in this September.
It was stated in 1999 and now SLIIT has become Sri Lanka`s largest IT institute.
Form 18-20th September they are organizing an ICT exhibition to celebrate its 10 years.
As a SLIIT student i`m really proud to celebrate the Anniversary.



Sivali Central Collage celebrate 100 years.


Ratnapura Sivali Central College celebrate its 100 years in this September.
As a Sivalian i`m really proud to celebrate the Anniversary.
During 20- 25 of September 2009 they organize an educational and trade exhibition at
the school premises.


School Web Site-

A/L O/L ICT Classes in Ratnapura

A/L O/L ICT Classes in Ratnapura

Facebook group-

Facebook Page –

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