Playing games form your thoughts

Emotiv Systems has crate a hardware device that able to detect your thoughts.

And this kind of technology enable lot of new type of applications.

Specially for games.

Because other than joystick or wireless motion device ,you can directly use your thought to play the game.

As a example I thought to run in the game.So in the game 3d character runs.



Business week article

WPF application example using this controller

Channel 9 link

Speed Breaker (XBOX360 / PC)

These are some of the screen shots of  the racing game I`m currently working on.








screan new8

Team Credit

Team Lead/Lead game developer       -Uditha sampath bandara

Game developer                                       -Wenura gamage

2D Artist                                                     -Mudith parakkrama

3D Artist                                                     -Anuradha  pushpamal

XNA 3.1 announced

Yesterday at GDC Microsoft announce the next version of the XNA Game studio.

It comes with lot of new features .Like you can use XBOX Live avatars for you games also new XDK hardware for the development  and more.



GDC (Game developer conference) 2009

Annual GDC conference is happening these days in San Francisco.

You can watch live of updates of that from following sites.

Also with lots of new XNA announcements.

One is new about XNA 3.1 version.

MP3 Playback in XBOX360 using XNA

This example shows you how to play mp3 files in XBOX360 using XNA.This example can extended to create a simple interactive media player for XBOX360 using XNA.

you can download the example from following link.


Video Playback in Windows games using XNA

This example shows you how to playback video in your XNA games.

For this I am using XNA direct show library on codeplex.

you can download the example from following link.



Google Group- GameDevLanka

This group is for Sri Lankan computer game development enthusiasts and discussions on game development concepts,  game engines, development tools, game AI, computer graphics and the feasibility of developing high quality games in Sri Lanka.

you can visit this group by this link.

XNA Image of the day

Ziggyware site features the XNA image of the day as MForce game screen shot today.

Digit IT magazine articles

Second issue (March)

These are the articles I wrote in this month.

1-Getting started with XNA Game studio 3.0 to develop video games (part II).

2-Getting Started with XBOX 360 game development using Microsoft XNA .

MFORCE (Troops of the New Millennium) (XBOX 360)

Game details

Genre-Role playing.

We believe that the toughest problems suchlike global warming, Hunger, Poverty, etc… can be solve by changing the attitude of the human mind. That is the place we are going to connect the Problems and Computer games.

The Game

Basically MFORCE is a role playing game which enables user to perform lot of  tasks. You can see there are lots of games in the world which user should fire and kill people, Destroy many things as possible. Those games provide attractive moral to the user. But our goal is to provide that same feeling without using anything badly affected to the Human mind. You cannot find any unsolicited actions inside MFORCE. Instead of that user can perform tasks which related with solving  toughest problems in the world.



More screen shot available @