Microsoft Student Champ Meeting July 2008

Photos From Student champ July meeting.


1-Game development with XNA   -Uditha Sampath Bandara

2-Microsoft Live Services            -Mr. Wellinton Perera


DSC00398       DSC00403



DSC00400 DSC00401

Lk Game Studio

Lk Game Studio is the Sri Lanka`s First game development Studio.

Vision-” Making Games for Sri lanka.”

Making Money from your XNA game

 Xbox Live Community Games will give XNA game developers  the opportunity to publish and sell their projects to millions of gamers worldwide via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Here’s how it works. XNA game developers submit their titles to for peer review. Once approved the games are then made available for sale on Xbox Live Marketplace for a price point that you set (between 200 and 800 points). You then receive up to 70% of the games total revenue!

So let’s say you create a game that you sell for 200 points (which is approx USD$2.50). The game is then purchased 10,000 times. That’s $25,000 in total revenue of which you stand a chance to receive up to 70% or $17,500!!! WOW!!

Visual Studio 2008 Launch @SLIIT


Thursday, July 31, 2008


9:00am – 5:00pm


SLIIT Auditorium


Malabe, Sri Lanka

Session details


Intro to .NET and C#
Joy Pradeep (MVP)

Wellington Perera
(Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Sri Lanka)

Wellington Perera
(Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Sri Lanka)

Windows Presentation Foundation
Uditha Samapth Bandara

Getting Started with SQL Server
Dinesh Asanka (MVP)

Student Champ Program
Primal, Wajira, Buddhika
(Microsoft Student ambassadors)

For more details  Join the facebook event

C# 4.0

What do you think about C# 4.0 ?

One main feature will be support for multi core processors.

Watch more about this on channel 9 from C# 4.0 design team….

LK GAME STUDIO (beta) site lauched

LK Game Studio site beta launched

Imagine cup 2009

Imagine Cup 2009 will be held in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt.

The theme will be,

 “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today”


Imagine cup 2008

Imagine cup 2008 was finished.

My favorite team was team Acid Rain.

They made conversion from a diesel to vegetable oil powered engine with using windows embeded


Watch imagine cup 2008 final ceramony.

Creating a bird animation in XNA.

bird animation

This example shows how to createa a simple bird animation in XNA.

This is a 2d animation.

XNA Game Development Video Learning.

1 $ Limited offer available now.

you can download the source and executable from this link-

Sri lanka`s First game studio.

lkGame studio coming soon..