Imagine cup Game development 2009

This year for the Microsoft imagine cup competition we doing a game named as

MForce.And this time we are developing the game for XBOX360.

This game is based on a team that helps to solve toughest problems in the world.

So in each missions they got different task and completing of each mission will lead

to the winning the game.


XBOX360 Presentation @Microsoft Student champ meeting

Recently I had a presentation about XBOX360 game console at the student champ meeting.In my presentation I was describe about ,

—History of the XBOX

—Hardware Specification

—XBOX Live

—XBOX360 Games

—Making games for XBOX360 using Visual Studio 2008 and C#.





Part time Game development lecturing

Recently I got chance to do part time lecturing in  game development.

I`am teaching the subject Multimedia Game production’  to 2nd year students for

there Advance Diploma of Multimedia Design course.


Course Structure
Semesters – 06

Units / Modules
Computing & Network Fundamentals
Multimedia Design & Authoring – 1
Digital Design, Process & Strategy
Interactive Web Technologies – 1
Interactive Web Technologies – 2
User Interface & Experience Design
Multimedia Technology
Digital Video & Audio
Multimedia Project – 1
3D Animation & Special Effects
Multimedia Game production
Multimedia Design & Authoring – 2
Enterprise Marketing
Effective Communication
Multimedia Project – 2


you can visit this site for more details.

XNA Game development discussion forum @Sri Lanka.NET Forum

Sri Lanka .NET forum has recently  created new forum section to discuss about Game development.Where any one can join to a discussion about XNA games,or XBOX360 game development using XNA ,or DirectX technologies by using .NET

Game development forum on Lanka e-sports site

Lanka eSports is an organization dedicated to enhance the quality of gaming in Sri Lanka, both nationally and internationally.
We believe our local talent has a lot of potential and we want to help our gamers push their limits in the professional arena.


this it the link to there forum .

And this is the link to the game development section.

Using 3D graphics in Xbox360 with XNA

This example shows you how to use 3d graphics in your XNA application.


Using 2D graphics in Xbox360 with XNA

This example shows you how to use 2d graphics in your XNA application.


Digit IT magazine articles

First issue (February)

These are the articles I wrote in this month.

1-Game development industry in Sri Lanka

2-Getting started with XNA Game studio 3.0 to develop video games.

Xbox 360 Games

These are some of the games currently I`am playing on Xbox360.

Burnout Paradise




Bad company



Mercenaries 2



Resident evil 5



Also today Microsoft going to release Demo of Halo Wars to the Xbox live market place.I`am looking forward to download that also.

Digit IT magazine.

Recently I got chance to write articles about game development to an online IT magazine.This IT magazine call as Digit.Its a online magazine that deliver information in various technologies.

Also pdf and flash versions of the magazine is available other than the online version.