Blockchain Application Development Training.


Recently I did Blockchain application development training at Ceylon Biscuits Limited. I covered following topics during the training.

Module 1: Blockchain Basics

Distributed systems

The history of blockchain

Introduction to blockchain

Types of blockchain

Benefits and limitations of blockchain

Module 2: Decentralization

Decentralization using blockchain

Methods of decentralization

Blockchain and full ecosystem decentralization

Smart contract

Decentralized applications

Platforms for decentralization

Module 3: Ethereum basics


Ethereum blockchain

Elements of the Ethereum blockchain



Clients and wallets

The Ethereum network

Applications developed on Ethereum

Scalability and security issues

Module 4: Smart Contract Programming Basics

Advantages and Drawbacks of Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts with Solidity

The Layout of a Solidity File

Writing simple smart contract

Creating contracts

Using new keyword

Module 5: Ethereum Development

Setting up a development environment

Algorithms & Techniques

Development tools and clients

Introducing solidity

Decentralized Applications

Module 6: Understanding Deployment and Costs

Understand Development and Deployment Cycles

Understanding Solidity Compilation and Deployment

Gas and Gas-Costs

Upgradeability and Data Migration Techniques

Module 7: Hyperledger

Hyperledger as a protocol

Hyperledger Fabric

Module 8: Alternative Blockchains


Blockchain Usage

Best Practices


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Machine Learning and Game Development Workshops.

Machine Learning and Game Development Workshops sri lanka

Machine Learning and Game Development Workshops sri lanka

Recently I did 2 workshop on Game Development and Machine Learning at Sabaragamuwa University and SLIIT.

Machine Learning and Game Development Workshops sri lanka

Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop Sri Lanka.

Recently I had conducted the workshop on Data Science and Machine Learning.Around 7 participants attended the workshop.

Topic covered at the workshop-

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Microsoft Azure Developer Training at IBM Philippines


Recently I did Microsoft Azure developer training for IBM Philippines staff . I covered following topics during the training.


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+65 86738158

React JS Training Sri Lanka.

Recently I did React JS training at Easy generator , ISM APAC . I covered following topics during the training.

Day 1

Node.js Fundamentals

• Node.js building blocks

• The main capabilities of the environment

• Package management

Introduction to ReactJS

• History of front end libraries

• Motivation for using React

• Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)

• Thinking in React

• Architectural Decision

• Life cycle methods

React Components

• React component

• Render function

• Component API

• Component lifecycle

• State

• Props

• Mixins


React internals

• Basic concept

• Component elements

• Render cycle

Day 2

Component inter communication

• Component composition

• Pass data from parent to child

• Pass data from child to parent

Component styling

• Radium

• CSS Modules


Performance optimizations

• Pure Render Mixin

• Expensive DOM manipulations Performance tools

Working with API

• Dynamic data from the API

• Creating a state

• Calling the API

Day 3

React Advanced

• Context API

• Redux and Redux middlewares


• Testing (Advanced Testing methods)

• Routing

• Server side rendering

• Solid principles in React projects

For Training Requirement Contact-

Sri Lanka

+94 0716092918

+65 86738158

Python Online Training Singapore.

Python Online Training Sri Lanka.

Recently I had conducted online Python training for Bank of America staff at Singapore.
Following topics covered at the training.

Python Online Training Sri Lanka.

Python Online Training Sri Lanka.

For Training Requirement Contact-

Sri Lanka

+94 0716092918

+65 86738158

Colombo Blockchain Summit 2020.

The largest blockchain virtual event in Sri Lanka will see the global blockchain community converge to discuss the latest developments and insights into the evolving, real-world applications of blockchain technology in finance, investment, enterprise, socially important projects and Health care.

blockchain course sri lanka

blockchain course sri lanka

Game Development Webinar.

Game Development Webinar Sri Lanka

Recently I did game development webinar series for ICT Industry Skills council.Students and Lectures from all over the country attended this webinar series.

Session One

Session Two

React Native Fundamentals Online Course

React Native Fundamentals Online Course

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook, Inc. It is used to develop applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP by enabling developers to use React’s framework along with native platform capabilities

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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020.

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

NASA is inviting coders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, artists, and technologists to come together in a global, virtual hackathon. During a period of 48 hours, participants from around the world will come together to create virtual teams and solve challenges using NASA’s open-source data.

We are proud and thrilled to announce ‘NASA Space Apps Colombo, 2020’, which is the very first international hackathon event in Sri Lanka, in line with NASA’s guidelines and direct collaboration. The event is organised by SEDS Sri Lanka, which is the international body that strives to promote space exploration and development via educational and engineering projects.

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

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