Small Basic

Small Basic enables beginners to get started with programming in really easy way.

With easy to use API and stunning IDE.

Its derives from BASIC language and runs on .NET platform.

5 line for simple graphics animation



smallbasic output

Download from-

My Music /Sri Lanka`s first Music Game.

My music g

My music g2 

In the game you need to sing the song along with the video.

You can get score for your signing performance.

Game play video

And its a XNA game….

Xbox LIVE Community Games open for business


Now you can download Xbox live community games via

XBOX live marketplace.


and also the discussion forum available on

The New Xbox Experience Begins today


19 millions of Xbox LIVE Gamers will be able to download the this new feature on to there XBOX360.

Watch live preview on

Screenshots part 11




car 5

screan 4

car 6

New Screen shots of More speed

car 4

car 3

Upcoming Game from Ubisoft

I Am Alive