My XNA Games

The Legend of The Green Warrior.

“You the one who can make the change”

For the sustainable environment first we need to start with a single person.
Because one person can make huge impact to the environment.

So through this game, player starts with world that in year 2008, s/he is

 the one who responsible for the future. Player can take any decision,

but sometimes that decision would impact the environment
in good way or bad way.


3d Rocket Racing


Is XNA suitable for serious games ?

Add your ideas..

XNA 3.0 CTP Simple media player for Windows

i`v created this simple media player example by using XNA 3.0.

you can download that from following link.

Also you can extend this to create media player in 3d environment.

media player

XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP(Community technical preview )relesed

XNA Game studio 3.0 CTP relesed yestaday.

Now you can create xna games in Visual Studio 2008.

Also you crate game for zune devices.

Simple 3d animation

This tutorial shows you how to create simple 3d animation.

This tutorial extends with draw 3d model on the screen tutorial.

After drawing 3d model on the screen you can use that to create 3d anmation

download link-

3d windows forms in XNA

Now you can create 3d windows form in XNA environment.

This example project contain using a 3d model as a form.This rich 3d capabilbty

still not avilable in WPF.So i created this example to show  using xna to create rich UI.

This project still not finished yet.

Use A, S to rotate the form

3d win form