Lost Town.

Deadly Virus releases to the town.
Your mission is to the Find the scientist to get the cure.
And watch out for Zombies….

lost  town

lost  town2

Developed by-Uditha Sampath Bandara.

Nintendo Wii Presentation at the Microsoft Student Champ Meeting.

Recently I had a presentation about Nintendo Wii game console at the Microsoft student champ meeting.In my presentation I was describe about ,

-History of Nintendo

The Nintendo Wii
– Out of the box
– Concept
– Specifications
– Games
– Gameplay




Microsoft .NET Code Camp.

Microsoft Sri Lanka recently held a .NET code camp event at the Excel World.

Main objective of this event was to share the different Microsoft .NET technologies among others.

So there were 9 different  Microsoft technologies were discussed.And i was lead the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology at the code camp.

code camp



3D media Players Created using WPF.


Event Video.

Digit IT Magazine Articles.

Seventh  issue (August)

These are the articles I wrote in this month.

1-Getting Started with XBOX 360 game development using Microsoft XNA (part V).


2-World Cyber games Asian Finals at Singapore.