Game development industry in Sri Lanka.

Ten years back when you heard about Software industry in Sri Lanka, that’s the same feeling that you get with the game industry in Sri Lanka as of now .But now In Sri Lanka we have big software industry with big software companies. Still in Sri Lanka we couldn`t see a game industry. But game industry is one of the world largest industries. According to Jupiter research Game industry is bigger than the movie industry in Hollywood and music industry with over 18 billion dollars revenue only in US.

Also there are popular console are for gaming other than PC games. Like XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii.Many of game studios are making games for those consoles. Sometimes one game has different versions for different consoles.

Making their own video game is dream of many gamers. But until now resources to do that was haven’t be in place. So now the technology is enabling you to make your own video games .Technologies like XNA giving you the tools for that.

With XNA you can create games for PC, Xbox 360 or Zune .So now you can create your version of GTA or Need for Speed or Age of empires using these technologies .Using .NET as a platform you can get started with XNA far more easily. Also you can use all the feature of .NET in to your game as well.

For the graphics you can use software’s like Photoshop, 3ds max, Maya and blender. Then you can do the programming in XNA by using those graphics.

With the XBOX LIVE Community game platform you can also make money form your XNA game. All you need to do just make a Xbox game with XNA and publish your game as XNA community game. Then you can set a price for your game. As an example you can set a price as two dollars in to your Game. There are more than ten million Xbox live users. So any Xbox live user can buy your game. Let say two million Xbox live users buy your XNA game .That mean you got four million dollars for your game. But you can have only 70% of that money. That mean you got more than 2.5 million dollars in your hand for your simple XNA game which worth only two dollars.

So this platform enables developer to explore new horizons of game development with putting lot of Innovative ideas for games. Also using XNA we can make games in Sinhala as well. That would be a grate stating point for Sri Lankan game industry as well.

So whether form a PC game, Mobile or Xbox game we can make money for our game and I hope that enables to grow game industry in Sri Lanka in the future.

Uditha Sampath Bandara

South East Asia`s First XNA/DirectX MVP
(Microsoft Most Valuable Professional- 4 Years)


3 Responses

  1. i want to study game development programming

  2. I’m currently studying computer games development in the UK i was wondering if anyone has information regarding a Sri Lankan games dev team willing to offer intern ship ( or come up with one for me ^_^) since I’m focusing on design aspects of games development and would love to come back home spend a year doing that and do my final year back in the UK. if any one has info regarding this would love to hear it. thanks

  3. Actuly reading this gave a new spirit to me on my game making dream. Last 4 years i have played many games. checking and feeling awesom features of those games… I hadn’t a big dream to develop a game on my own, just to support a team who working on games developments… I haven’t any knowlegd about game making but i know the storyline and the graphic qulity makes best games..

    I just want to say,still my age 17 . Until now i hadn’t any hope for a game development job cus in sri lanka there isn’t any game industrys. But in future there will be a chance to get my dream job.. This is just awesom… !!!

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