India`s first 3D PC game

GHAJINI pc game was developed by fxlabs and it was the first pc game made for a bollywood film.

And this would be a grate  for indian and asia`s game industry as well.

official site-


Playing video games in a different way.

XNA is enabling to develop lot of creative games to the industry.

This is one that i `m developing.

For this game all i need a video and a 3d model to walk in the video environment.

And this enable to create lot of creative game play with lot of fun.




Also you need have the proper rights to the video and the 3d models.

This is only for testing purpose only.

New Xbox experience walkthrough.

Form November 19 you can experience the new XBOX 360 interface.

And its available in Sri Lanka too.

When you connect your XBOX to Xbox live you get a message to download the new update.

Then Xbox restarts and download the update.

After few minutes you are ready to go with new interface.



Xbox avatars

Avatar is a unique feature in Xbox live.You can crate customize your avatar with different cloths shoes accessories etc.

1216233950Composite 1216234021Composite




After you finish you can save your avatar.





 Game score and achievements





Video Marketplace


And Specially XNA Game studio connect and community games


Imagine Cup 2009 Sri Lanka site launched


Simple HLSL in XNA

This example shows you how to use HLSL(High level sheder language) in your XNA game.
HLSL is a sheding language developed by Microsoft.
And from that language you can direcly talk to the GPU.
This have three main forms vertex sheder,pixel sheder and geometry sheder.
This example is using  pixel shader to process a 2d image.
Press W or Q to see the effect.

you can download the source code from-

My Xbox live avatar.

Xbox live

Effect library in XNA



fire with smoke


Silverlight 3 in 3D is coming….

Silverlight 3 is coming,and it supports the GPU based 3d graphics.
By using XAML we can import 3d models to application and then we can create 3d games inside the browser.

Xbox live community games on more regions.

From December 15 you can distribute your XNA games from Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand regions.So if you are a independent, student, and hobbyist developers from these region you get a chance to publish your game and get the profit.

Currently this service enable in U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Microsoft Presentation @Open University of Sri Lanka.

Last week we had presentation @OUSL. In there  i spoke about  Microsoft student champ programme.Also Wellington Perera from Microsoft spoke about Imagine cup competition and about Microsoft technologies.

That was the first time i have been to OUSL.

And that was a grate experience…