Microsoft MVP Open day at Hyderabad, INDIA [Event Update].

19th May 2011, I had attend to MVP Open day at Hyderabad ,INDIA. It was 4 day event

for fellow MVP`s from The region. 1st day sessions was held at Hotel Ista,

Hyderabad.2nd and 3rd day sessions was held at Microsoft India development center

(MSIDC) Hyderabad .

Keynote by Amit Chatterjee – Managing Director, Microsoft India Development Center.

MVP Open day 2011 group.

Developer, IT and Consumer track sessions Delivered by Microsoft employees who

works on Microsoft Products such as Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Cloud, and

Windows Phone 7.

Meeting with Senior Program manager, Windows Phone 7 Developer tools MSIDC, India.

I also got a chance to deliver a session at the open day Event in the graveyard shift section. My session is about XNA game development.

Final day sessions was again held at the hotel Ista .After the final closing note by MVP

Lead INDIA Mr. Abhishek Kant event was come to an end.

Overall it was a great event organize for MVP`s in the region.

And had lot of knowledge and fun at the event.

Its great to see more events like this in the future.

Microsoft’s founding employees 1975 .

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  1. Great to see such spirit from the MVPs! Thanks for presenting on XNA; I’m sure there are many MVPs interested in how to develop games and programs using the XNA framework.

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