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Blue Chip Training and Consulting Corporate Video.


Version 1.0 of the Blue Chip Training and Consulting Corporate Video

UNITY Game Development Workshop at SLTC.

Game Development workshop offers participants an exciting opportunity to learn modern game design and development skills needed in today’s growing interactive entertainment industry. Workshop uses the Unity, the most popular cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

From conceptualization, to game play mechanics, artificial intelligence, design and production, participants will learn how to use and maximize the Unity game development environment to create powerful games for web, mobile, or console platforms.


  • Game Development & Getting to know Unity
  • Understanding Game Space & Scene
  • Scripting in C#
  • Game Physics
  • User Interface & GUI
  • Finishing Game Content

Date / Time-

Sunday, July 23 at 9 AM – 4 PM


Sri Lanka Technological Campus

Trace Expert City,

Tripoli Market Square, Colombo 10

Sri Lanka.

Event Page-

Register Now –

Unity Game Development Course Sri Lanka.

Unity Game Development course provides students with a dynamic opportunity to gain up-to-date game design , development skills and processes needed in today’s exciting interactive entertainment industry.

From conceptualization to game play mechanics and artificial intelligence, to design and production, students will learn how to use and maximize the Unity game development tool to create powerful games for web, mobile, or console.


Course Outline

Game Development & Getting to know Unity

· Unity Interface

· Integrating objects into Unity

· Prefabs & Components

· Textures & Models

· Planning your game

Understanding Game Space & Scene

· Understanding 3-D Space

· Manipulation of Objects

· Difference between local and global values

· Setting up the Camera

· Game Light

· Shader

Scripting in C#

· Variables data types and declaration

· If & Else Statements

· For Loops

· Unity Classes

· Inputs

· Animations

· Creating Player Movement

Game Physics

· Game Physics

· Collision and Trigger Detection

· Managing enemy unity

Weapons & Game Life

· Creating Weapon prefabs

· Weapon Scripts

· Shooting & Hitting enemies

· Scripting Game Life and Game Over

Creating Particle Systems & Special Effects

· Particle System

· Adding Particle system to Script

· Skybox

· Environment

User Interface & GUI

· Designing User Interface

· Scirpting GUI Interface

· Creating Main Menu

· Importance of Screen Flow & User Experience

Finishing Game Content

· Adding Audio Manager

· Adding Animations

· Saving and Loading Game

· Optimization for Tablets & Mobile

· Publishing Game

Course Project

Students will create their own personal game built on their imagination utilizing the techniques learn during the course.


Uditha Bandara B.Sc(IT) is specializes in Microsoft XNA Game development for Windows Phone, Xbox 360, PC, and Zune.  He is the South East Asia`s First XNA/DirectX MVP (Most Valuable Professional).  He had delivered sessions at various events and conferences in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. He has published several books,articles, tutorials, and game demos on his XNA Game Development Blog –

Duration – 30 hours

Contact    071-6092918

Microsoft® MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in XNA/DirectX for Year 2012-2013.

Few weeks ago I got an email from Microsoft saying that I have been Re-awarded Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP title for Year 2012.

It was really memorable moment for me. And proud to be a Microsoft MVP for this year.

There are now total 40 MVPs for XNA/DirectX.

About MVP Program.

My MVP Profile.

Official SEA MVP blog.

Celebrating 4 Years for my blog

I had started my blog in January 2008.As of now it had reached over 100,000 hits within 4 Years. That is average of 68 visitors per day. I `m hoping to have even more visitors in 2012.

My First Blog post –

NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011, INDIA.

The NASSCOM Game Developer Conference started in 2009 to address the game developer community in India which grew into an independent 2 day conference in its 2nd year attended by more than 350 + delegates and fabulous talks.
NASSCOM is the apex body for the IT, BPO also focusing on Animation , Gaming and VFX industry. The gaming forum came into existence 5 years back to come together on a common platform to share best practices and knowledge both from the business and the development perspective.

I will be speaking at the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011 held in Pune on November 11th and 12th.

Topic- Next-Gen Games on Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio provides rich tool set to create games for Windows Phone 7 devices. With the new Silverlight integration developers can create UI far more easily than the traditional way. This session outlines how to use XNA API for develop 2d and 3d games.




Key Highlights

Zynga , Indiagames, Sony, Ubisoft India ,Glu Mobile,Adobe Systems, Microsoft, EA India and many other Game companies will be represent this Game Conference.

Date-  11 -12 November 2011


Hyatt Regency Pune
Weikfield IT Park, Nagar Road,
Pune, India 411014

Official Web Site-

Cruncher 2011 Game Development Workshop.

                   Last week I had attended Cruncher 2011 Game Development Workshop to deliver 2 sessions about game development.Event was held at IESL Auditorium Colombo, Sri Lanka.


  • Game Designing and Development techniques.

This session highlights different game design and development tools/technology available in the industry.

  • Kinect for Windows: Limitless Possibilities.

Kinect for Windows SDK allows developer to create Games using Natural User Interface (NUI). Now game developers can think out of the box when designing a
game. This session highlights how you can use the KINECT SDK to create fantastic gaming experiences.

Their were about 25 attended to the event.


XNA Video Series.

I had created this XNA Video series for beginners to learn XNA Game development.

This is the part 1 of the XNA Video Series.

Introduction to video games (History).

Game Bandits 2011 at Singapore [Event Update].

Last week I did XNA Game Development training at Game Bandits 2011.Event was organized by Asia events and sponsored by Microsoft. Around 40 people came to the event. Including University lectures, Game Developers and Students from Singapore and Indonesia.



Location –

201 Victoria Street
#07-02A Iluma Shopping Centre
Singapore 188067

Facebook album –