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Celebrating 4 Years for my blog

I had started my blog in January 2008.As of now it had reached over 100,000 hits within 4 Years. That is average of 68 visitors per day. I `m hoping to have even more visitors in 2012.

My First Blog post –

NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011, INDIA.

The NASSCOM Game Developer Conference started in 2009 to address the game developer community in India which grew into an independent 2 day conference in its 2nd year attended by more than 350 + delegates and fabulous talks.
NASSCOM is the apex body for the IT, BPO also focusing on Animation , Gaming and VFX industry. The gaming forum came into existence 5 years back to come together on a common platform to share best practices and knowledge both from the business and the development perspective.

I will be speaking at the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2011 held in Pune on November 11th and 12th.

Topic- Next-Gen Games on Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio provides rich tool set to create games for Windows Phone 7 devices. With the new Silverlight integration developers can create UI far more easily than the traditional way. This session outlines how to use XNA API for develop 2d and 3d games.




Key Highlights

Zynga , Indiagames, Sony, Ubisoft India ,Glu Mobile,Adobe Systems, Microsoft, EA India and many other Game companies will be represent this Game Conference.

Date-  11 -12 November 2011


Hyatt Regency Pune
Weikfield IT Park, Nagar Road,
Pune, India 411014

Official Web Site-

Celebrating 3 Years for my blog

I had started my blog in January 2008.As of now it had reached over 72,000 hits within 3 Years. That is average of 65 visitors per day. I `m hoping to have even more visitors in 2011.


My First Blog post –



Infotel is one of the Largest ICT Exhibition in Sri Lanka.This year exhibition happens on 1st Oct – 4th Oct  2010 at BMICH.

2010 ICT Week Program

Infotel Green Walk
17th Sept 2010

Infotel 2010 ICT EXPO
1st Oct – 4th Oct. 2010

Infotel Student Day & Career Guidance
4th Oct 2010

Infotel Inauguration Ceremony
30th Sept 2010

Infotel FORUM
30th Sept 2010

FITIS Young Computer Scientist (YCS) Awards
4th Oct 2010

Infotel Gala Dinner and Awards
3rd Oct 2010

ICTer2010 International ICT conference
28th Sept – 1st Oct 2010

National Best Quality Software (NBQSA) Awards
1st Oct 2010


[Event Update]

There were overall 40,000 people came to the exhibition and i was stay at the Microsoft stall in 2 days.






More Details.



My Life (3D Simulated Environment) for Analyzing human behaviors.


My life is an interactive 3d computer game. That use to simulate every day real world activities and those activates that player takes will affect to his/her education, entertainment, wealthy ,social life.

Another aspect of this game is for using as an advance research tool. Because actions that player would take is different to player to player. So that reflects that human behavior of parson.

So action that each player takes can be unique. Also some set of action can be common to some set of players. So there actions can be uniquely identified and can be use to solve problem in medical field that involve human behavior.

So this can use as a computer game or tool for advanced research.


And users will be two kinds. One is players of age 12-25 and researchers.

To impalement this game I use Microsoft XNA technology.

And C# as the main programming language.

Action that player takes in those places will affect to the player`s life. To win the game player need manage his life successfully 10 years in to the future.

This also can play by different players. So action that different players take are store separately, and that can be use to analyze human behaviors.


Select age

Developed by- Uditha Sampath Bandara for NBQSA 2008.