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E3 2010 Highlight.

This year at E3 Expo Microsoft announces upcoming games for the Project Natal (Kinect) platform.


Games for Kinect.




Star Wars Kinect (tentative title)


Forza Motorsport Preview


Dance Central

Child of Eden

Kinect Joy Ride

Kinect Sports

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Kinect Adventures

Motion Sports

EA Sports Active 2.0

Sonic Freeriders


Other XBOX360 Games.


Call of Duty: Black Ops


Gears of War 3.

Halo Reach.

Fable 3.


ESPN for XBOX Live.


And finally they announced the new XBOX 360.


KINECT for Xbox 360 releasing to the market on 4th of November 2010

Also EA ,Ubisoft ,Sony and Nintendo had similar conferences and stalls. They had showcased upcoming games for 2010.

Following are the Links to those Press Conferences including Microsoft.

Microsoft Press Conference

EA Press Conference

Ubisoft Press Conference

Sony Press Conference

Nintendo Press Conference

Image Courtesy- Gamespot.

E3 Highlights Part1

Microsoft Press conference was one of most highlighted thing in this years E3.They had announced lot of new game titles for XBOX360 ,also new features for XBOX Live and New technology’s for the industry.

Event started with announcing Beetles ROCK BAND game for XBOX360.


Then they have announced Tony Hawk Ride with the wireless skateboard controller for Xbox360.


And others games announced was-

Modern Warfare2

Forza motorsport 3

Left for dead 2

Splinter cell conviction

Halo 3:ODST game play demo

Halo :Reach

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Final Fantasy XIII

Alan Wake




Forza motorsport 3


Splinter cell conviction.


Metal Gear Solid Rising


Also new set of features for XBOX Live was announced at the conference.

SKY  TV available on XBOX Live

Last fm coming to XBOX Live

And our favorite social networking sites facebook and twitter coming to XBOX Live.




Then  they had announced Project Natal .A way to play games without any controller.Only controller you need is you.

And the only experience you need is the life expedience.



And that was a Milestone moment for the Game industry.Legendary Movie director Steven Spielberg was also going to support for this project as well.


And with this they have end  this year`s conference.Also attendees ware able to go to Microsoft booth and see the demos of all the games they had announced.

With other part of this article you are able to see the other games for Nintendo ,Sony ,EA and Ubisoft had announced.


Image courtesy –Game Spot