Mobile Application Development Course Sri Lanka.

Learn to develop applications in the latest Android, IOS and Windows Phone with practical implementation. Attendees will be provided with instructions to build and manage new cool applications. What’s more you can even sell out these applications and earn good money.

Course Topics-

1. Introduction
2. Android Architecture
3. Android SDK
4. Xcode and Objective-C for IOS
5. Interface Builder
6. Windows Phone SDK
7. Deploying Android Application
8. Deploying IOS Application
9. Deploying Windows Phone Application
10. Testing

Conducted By –

Uditha Bandara B.Sc(IT) is specializes in Microsoft Game development for Windows Phone, Xbox 360, PC, and Zune. He is the South East Asia`s First XNA/DirectX MVP (Most Valuable Professional). He had delivered sessions at various events and conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. He has published several books, articles, tutorials, and game demos on his XNA Game Development Blog –

Duration –40 Hours


Mobile  +94 0716092918

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