Visual Studio 2013.

Visual Studio 2013 released few months ago.

Lets look at some of its features.


Development Environment

Focus on creating value and accomplishing task quicker with a clean, fast and powerful development environment.

  • Rich environment
  • Business app development

Platform Support

Build apps, targeting Microsoft platforms, as well as mobile web apps, web applications and cloud services across devices.

  • Windows Applications
  • Web Apps & Cloud Services
  • Business Productivity Apps

Team Collaboration

Connect the development team, business stakeholders, and end users through integrated tools that foster collaboration.

  • Team Rooms
  • Feedback Management
  • Git Based Repositories

Debugging & Diagnostics

Identify and solve issues that keep your application from running correctly, regardless of the platform.

  • Advanced Debugger
  • Browser Link
  • IntelliTrace

Release Management

Configure, plan, approve and deploy your applications for any environment with tools that reduce your cycle time and improve your delivery process.

  • Manage a consistent pipeline
  • Define release processes

And this link provide some of the cool new features for developers- 

Download Now via MSDN –


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