Microsoft Announces XNA Game Studio 4.0.

Microsoft Announces XNA Game Studio 4.0  at GDC (Game Developer conference).Which include support for Windows Phone 7 Series.


Quick summary:

  • New platform
    • Windows Phone 7 Series
  • New features
    • Integrates with Visual Studio 2010
    • Dynamic audio output
    • Microphone input
    • BasicEffect has four new siblings
      • SkinnedEffect
      • EnvironmentMapEffect
      • DualTextureEffect
      • AlphaTestEffect
  • Improved portability and usability
    • Collapsed graphics caps into just two profile levels: Reach and HiDef
    • Many graphics API improvements
    • This involves some breaking API changes
    • Split Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll into several assemblies, to make it more obvious which pieces are available on each platform

More details you can found on Michael Klucher`s  Blog.  – Microsoft shows off XNA games running on Windows Phone

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  1. thanks my friend for sharing

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