Xbox 360 Games

These are some of the games currently I`am playing on Xbox360.

Burnout Paradise




Bad company



Mercenaries 2



Resident evil 5



Also today Microsoft going to release Demo of Halo Wars to the Xbox live market place.I`am looking forward to download that also.


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  1. dude if its kl with u we cud borrow game 4m each oder coz im finding it pretty hard getting games here email me with ur response id even sell u sum of my games thanks

    • hi’ i also a 360 fan too.i hd a modded 360.i’m not buying originols.i buy copies.wt’re da games u sell.i wnt brand new games which came out in dis month

    • what ar d games u have.if u have new games i wud lilke to it PAL or NTSC.

  2. hasitha, how did you get you box fixed to play copies? was it in SL? I want to get mine done too

  3. Dude, I’m looking for originals to purchase. At the moment I’m looking for a particular few, so could u pls let me know the one’s u have now. Very interested in Halo btw.

  4. guyz,i modded my xbox 360.but i cnt gt d games.i am wiling to by xbox gamez from u.pls email these demos or d full version.

  5. some are demo, some are full versions.

  6. Yoosuf,

    Modded games are available at PCL (3rd floor, Majestic City). Rs. 700. All new games are available. I saw HALO ODST the day after it was officially released. Check it out.

  7. what si the price 2 modifyin xbox 360

  8. what is the price 2 modifyin xbox 360

  9. hey guys.

    i cme on vacation to Sri-lanka and now my xbox has the 3 rings of death, do you guys know of a place where they fix it?
    cheers visna

  10. u can get your xbox modified for around 6000 rupees and if you want u can get the 12v mod done as well.

  11. I also have a prb i modified my xbox 360 in australia and some copies in srilanka wrkd but the new games like NFS shift is not wrking it says PLAY DVD can u tell me wat is the matter.

  12. Where can i modifie ma xbox 360 please help

  13. Hi,

    I just received my Xbox 360 two weeks ago with only 2 games. I would like to know from where I can buy a few new games and how much does it cost for a CD.


  14. Hi.

    Need to know where to get a SoftMod on my Xbox 360. Plus how much it costs. Has to be reliable.


  15. I need 360 original PAL games…is there anyone who’s willing to sell there games???If so tell me…I will buy

  16. hey can anyone pleeees tell me what is the price of an xbox 360 original game is in srilanka

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