Setup Xbox360 for develop XNA games.

First you need to download XNA Game studio connect from Xbox live.

You can found that from Xbox live market place. Go to

All games->Genre->Others->XNA Creators club



And you need to have XNA creator’s club membership for develop XNA games.If you are a student you can get that free from Microsoft dream spark program.Or you need to pay annual or four month membership price for that membership.

Then you need to connect your pc to the same network of the Xbox360 .Both should have same subnets addresses.

Then you can launch XNA game studio connect for that go to

Game library->Community games->XNA Game Studio connect


Then run Visual studio 2008 .And you need to install XNA game studio 3.0 .Then Select device manager and select Xbox 360.


Then enter the connection key generated by Xbox 360.


Then Xbox360 will look up for the Xbox 360 and create a connection with Xbox 360.


Then you are ready to create Xbox games using XNA.


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