Sri lankas first racing game {thawa wegen}/More speed demo

Screan shot2

screan shot


9 Responses

  1. Hi Uditha,

    Where can we download this game. Love to play it.

    Mobile Dude.

  2. hi,
    demo will be out soon.
    i will upload the link then .


  3. Wow finally a game from our country…. I like it….. When the game is out i will surely buy it……… where can i get a demo..

  4. Dude awesum…. at last sum1 hu vll tak gaming 2 da nxt lvl.
    SL gaming FTW.
    Btw Uditha try 2 wrk wit da vectronics game developer also.
    Keep it up

  5. thanks.
    taking game development in Sri Lanka in to next level
    is one of my dreams too.

  6. machan you have to name this game as the sri lankas first pc racing game cuz Hash Arts has released a mobile racing game. That has multi player options via bluetooth also.

    anyway keep up your good work macha

    Thanks Kamal

  7. machan use this link. you can find it

  8. hi,

    Ya ,More speed is the first pc racing game.Also we hope to make xbox 360 version.

  9. Uditha where is the link to download this game

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