C# 4.0

What do you think about C# 4.0 ?

One main feature will be support for multi core processors.

Watch more about this on channel 9 from C# 4.0 design team….



3 Responses

  1. hi,
    im also from sliit in 4th year and ,for our final year project i also want to do some nice Look and feel with WPF,Silver light ,
    so please malli , can you help me with that,
    i tried to find the expreesion blend sw ,,june edition , but couldnt ,only trial versions ,
    also where can i find tutorials for that ,?
    i did the same thing that you have done using WPF (opening book, CD tray) but with flash , its very tired ,i think its easy doing them in expression blend no?
    so please can you help me ..
    where are you in malabe or kolpity ?
    ill come and meet you ..tell me that please.
    thanks .

  2. Yes ,i can help you.
    you can download expression blend from


    June preview works fine.

    You can find WPF tutorials on
    i m @ malabe sliit.you can meet me in week ends.


  3. As many posters before me said, this is verry worrying. ,

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